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Welcome to Student Like A Boss.Β  We are glad you're here!Β  My name is Mitch Fairchild and I am the creator of this fun, engaging, and lifechanging membership that teaches students and their families how to tap into their God-given creativity so that they can design amazing digital art. I teach students of all ages how to start, build, and grow an online "Print On Demand" businessΒ  that will benefit them, their family, their friends, their community, and the world!

Unlock Your Child's Creative Potential with Student Like A Boss Membership!

Are you looking for an exciting and enriching way to empower your child's creativity, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial mindset? Look no further than the Student Like A Boss Membership!

🌟 Why Choose Student Like A Boss?

At Student Like A Boss, we believe that every student has the potential to be a leader in their own right. Our membership program is designed to nurture your child's creative flair while equipping them with essential life skills. From digital art to entrepreneurship, our comprehensive courses are tailored for students of all ages – from elementary to high school.

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🎨 Unlock Creativity:

Our expert-led courses teach your child how to create captivating digital art, sparking their imagination and self-expression. From designing stunning graphics to crafting memorable logos, they'll develop skills that foster creativity and artistic confidence.

πŸ’Ό Cultivate Leadership:

With a focus on entrepreneurship and creative thinking, your child will learn the principles of entrepreneurship and leadership, encouraging them to think innovatively, take initiative, and most importantly build confidence. These invaluable skills extend beyond the realm of art and will shape their future endeavors.

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🌐 Embrace the Online World:

We guide your child through the exciting journey of turning their digital art into a thriving online business. From designing to marketing and selling, they'll gain real-world experience in the ever-expanding digital marketplace.

🀝 Join a Supportive Community:

Our vibrant community of like-minded students, mentors, and parents offers a safe space for growth, collaboration, and encouragement. Your child will connect with peers who share their passions and mentors who provide guidance every step of the way.

πŸŽ‰ Special Introductory Price:

For a limited time, you can unlock all these incredible benefits for the special introductory price of $39 per month. We're committed to making quality education accessible to all families, and this offer ensures that your child can embark on this transformative journey without breaking the bank.

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πŸ”₯ Start Your Child's Journey Today:

Give your child the gift of creativity, leadership, and life skills that will shape their future. Join the Student Like A Boss Membership and watch them blossom into confident, innovative young leaders!

πŸš€ Take the First Step:

Ready to empower your child's creativity and leadership potential? Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity. Click the link below to join the Student Like A Boss Membership now!

Embrace creativity, cultivate leadership, and shape a brighter future with Student Like A Boss!

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You'll get 100+ instructional videos (with more being added every month) that will teach you how to create fun, easy, and creative designs that you can upload to various products and sell online!

$39 a month

Student Like A Boss

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